Retirement Planning Risks That Lead to Financial Shortfalls

The most common pitfalls of retirement planning are inflation, taxes, market risk, and long term healthcare. Planning and setting aside funds for retirement can enhance your enjoyment in post-work years. Unfortunately, there are also some pitfalls that reduce lifestyles in that same period.  A while ago I heard the phrase world money destroyers used for … Read more

The Greatest Retirement Fears Americans Face

The Greatest Retirement Fears

The all wise Yoda pronounced ”Fear is the path to the dark side.” Avoiding planning because you feel you didn’t save enough, won’t fix the shortage, but there may still be a path to improve your options. Come to the light and learn more about how to address your retirement fears and enjoy your retirement … Read more

Can You Keep Your Current Lifestyle in Your Retirement Plan?

does your retirement plan keep your lifestyle

It’s great when you feel like you’ve nailed down your retirement plan. The sense of relief is almost palpable. But what if you’re not saving enough to keep your current lifestyle retirement? Does Your retirement plan maximize your investment dollars and let you keep your current lifestyle in retirement? The following topics will help you … Read more

Where Will Your Retirement Income Be Spent?

Retirement dollars often go to healthcare expenses -Image source- Unsplash

Planning for retirement isn’t always a fun subject. In fact for many people, the entire topic can be terrifying. It doesn’t have to be that way. Instead, planning early can make you look forward to a strategy talk. That’s especially true with a quality financial advisor who listens to your goals and discusses the best … Read more