Executive Benefit


Executive Benefit Plan for Selected Key Management to supplement 401(k) and group disability plan with an array of long term benefits to help reward and promote performance and loyalty.

Benefit Considerations

Plan Specifications

Corporation Can Qualified Non-qualified
Hand Select Participants? No Yes
Include Golden Incentives? No Yes
Determine Benefit Limits? No Yes
Time Plan Contributions? Yes Yes - after 2 yrs
Deduct Contributions? Yes Yes
Book Contributions as Assets? No Yes
Eliminate Plan Administration Cost No Yes
Eliminate Annual Federal Filing No Yes
Executive Can Qualified Non-qualified
Make Added Deposits? No Yes
Use Asset as Collateral? No Yes
Avoid Current Tax on Corp. Contr? Yes Yes/No
Have Tax-Free Pre-Retirement Access? No Yes
Have Penalty Free Pre-Retirement Income? No Yes
Use Plan for Wealth Accumulation? No Yes
Use Plan to Protect Family? No Yes
Retain Plan After Leaving Corp? No Yes
Have Investment Options? Yes Yes
Have Low Risk/High Yield No Yes
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