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Are you prepared to safeguard your retirement against the three powerful world money destroyers? Inflation, Taxes, and Market Risk are lurking around the corner, ready to sabotage your hard-earned savings. But fear not! Our FREE event on August 17th, 2023, at S27 Alehouse and Brewery located at 461 Perrymont Ave, San Jose, California is here to equip you with the knowledge and strategies you need to fortify your retirement against these threats. Join us for an informative and delectable dining experience that will leave you feeling confident and empowered about securing your financial future!


Are you seeking a highly-rated professional in the area? Be sure to contact Foss Financial Services for your investment and retirement planning needs.

About half of Americans don’t think they have saved enough for retirement. Even with a solid retirement plan, the question is: how will you fill the retirement savings gap created by your Roth IRA or other plans? In our upcoming September seminar Retirement Refocus, we’ll discuss simple retirement plan strategy revisions that improve your retirement lifestyle. The right planning ensures your retirement is a time of contributions, adventures or finally taking those trips you never had time for. Click here to register for our free seminar Retirement Refocus where we’ll take you through the steps to achieve your retirement goals.

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Help You Identify, Prioritize and Achieve Your Goals

When in need of a expert, contact Foss Financial Services. We help clients in the area identify, prioritize, and achieve goals that are important to them by using a collaborative and educational planning process. It is common for our clients to blend both tax and legal advice along with the personal and business financial planning and analysis we provide.

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Foss Financial Services

Identify, Prioritize, & Achieve Your Goals!

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